The weather where you live?

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About 3C gale force winds, hail...
but because it's britain, it'll smehow be worse tomorrow
dang it's dumping snow and dropping temp like a stone ............ think I'll head out on the Mrs. bike for a few

ah but then again .......

weird just plain weird. snowed yesterday turned to freezing rain, cleared out late last night froze solid like a rock, freezing fog and now cold sun and clearing out

it's the climate as the sign says downtown
mountain crocus in the mtns. ? interesting and sehr Kühl v2 something not seen in my Cascades, in fact everything is still covered in snow and it is snowing at 4,000 feet this morn in Oregon
Lovely sunshine a few whisps of cloud, although i wish it would bucket down for a few weeks straight. The sunshine is great but rain is better
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