The Weather Where You Live?

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It started to snow in the middle of the day.Then a short break. And it started again.There is 3cm of fresh snow came down.Still snowing. The temperature about -2C.
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-2 C and heavy snow all day. Supposed to continue with the snow all weekend long as well. Heavy winds expected tonight.

Several Autobahns have been closed down because of the high winds and ice freezing on the roads.


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-2 C right now and still heavy snow. We got another fresh 20 cm last night. Chaos out on the roads. At the intersection near my house there are 3 trucks just stuck in the snow. Good thing I can go right on by them with my Jeep.
Monster snow storm moving into the southern part of Minnesota this afternoon, expecting 12-24" of snow by the time it is over on Saturday, with extreme winds and expected windchill temps of minus 35-45 degrees F. Then the bottom falls out on the actual air temp on Sunday, high of 1 degree F on Sunday and Monday.
Was hoping to get out and do some ice fishing this weekend, but that ain't happening now. Lakes probably won't be safe with all that snow on it if it doesn't blow a away.
Better stock up on groceries and beer tonight in case I'm snowed in for the weekend.
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Was clear and cold with a haze today after a nearly freezing night with a dense fog, but as soon as the sun got near the horizon, the fog rolled in again. And a brutal fog it is...

Visability is down to a couple yards, definately nothing you want to be driving in.

Current temps (at 6:30 pm) are 49°F/10°C and dropping.
Are you ready for this ? It's snowing in Va. Beach !! The temp is 32F, with a slight
breeze. I doubt that we will get more than a half an inch, but it is laying on cars,
lawns, and rooftops. I doubt we're ready to call out the snow-plows.



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No Snow of course 26'@sunrise w/17' windchill.The last time it snowed was Christmas Day 2004 first in 50 years that day.Theory snow=active hurri season in GOM 3 out of 4 times=hits NGOM.So watch it Dan :D
Cold!!! +3 F for a high today if we are lucky. Just dig out of 18" of snow, some spots in the driveway and on the garage roof were aproaching 3 feet in depth due to drifting. I'm tired of Winter already and it's has barely even begun.
Today from my balcony at 3p.m.:

Smaller round is tower of Split airport, bigger - behind roof is city of Trogir:

Cold north-east wind named -bura- cleans sea and sky:



Trogir(on west) is not seen on this map


And bigger

Now outside is -2C (42F?) thanks to -bura.
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