The Weather Where You Live?

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Suffer baby - Global warming alive and enjoyable! it was 70 Degrees F today, drop to 40 tonight. CAVU over Scurry TX. Quail hunting fantastic!



PS - headed for S. Texas King Ranch Nylgai hunt.. T-shirt and 338-06
We had a "dusting" of snow overnight, probably less than half an inch, and it was only
on the lawns and cars. Temp at 1430 is 41 F, but it went down to 32 F overnight. It's
quite windy, and that makes it worse. Nasty, but not as bad at what they have in Europe.

Wojtek said he had 40cm in Pila, Poland.

In a word.... cold ! Temp in Va. Beach at 1900 is 36 F/2 C and going down to 29
tonight. This is frigid for this area ! Thank God there is no white stuff....

Wild weather yesterday.....thunder lightning, winds and LOTS of Rain....48mm up to 70mm in places.........whole of Dec rainfall is normally under 30mm !!
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