They're coming

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
geez I knew bugs on the coast were bad but geez............ o !! :shock: :lol:

I am for you human .......... you're mine !


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I don't know if one can of the good ol Jolly Roger Wup Ass would stop a big ugly 150 foot tall nasty slimey spider.

maybe two cans ? last report the thug took out two semi's and at least 8 compacts as it made it's way south through Port Orford............
oh gosh she has covered up the port city with her web

they're doomed !!


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Have no fear American Cousins.
The back room boffins in jolly old (Whizzo Prang, Chocs Away, I say chaps) England, have been burning the midnight oil to help in your hour of need and due to the miracle of..... ATOMIC MUTATION have come up with ..................SUPER SLUG.
We shall fire up the old jalopy and deliver it to the battle front just as soon as we can stop it mating with Big Ben


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