This brilliant new section!

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Oct 2, 2006
Thanks to all who helped set this section up/authorized it/etc - I'll enjoy it, for one!


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Especially when my wife is not allowed to go near the things to clean them!
Hi guys !!!
I see the Pisis' suggestion has come to be real.Thanks to all who support an effort to make this section. :thumbleft:
Hey ndicki!!

I for one, also, will enjoy the Modeling section!!


Much the same - watered down Humbrol essentially, with the tones chosen fron dark browns and dark greys, usually, although I have sometimes used pale greys for , say, where the lines cross through the black part of German crosses, etc.

Talking of which, if Airfix has gone down the drain, then so has Humbrol...
I've heard of some people who use pastels and crayons, but I've never tried. Could be good for weathering over US Olive Drab 41, etc.
excellent build(s) ! a agreat talent which I do not possess but appreicate very much from others .......

ok guys/gals let's see what ya got

Erich ~
I haven't tried it. Might be OK on vehicles, they're supposed to look filthy anyway!

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