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Aug 8, 2005
What are your top ten non-aircraft WW2 stuff?

You can have seperate lists for AFV's tanks etc, or club them together.

Support vehicles, ISA's, whatever!
Have whatever you want, white elephant type.

You can have all stuff like the post above.

Don't know why I put ten?

i.e favourite half track IMHO:

1st M3

2nd Hanomag etc

Reason being there's always something that doesn't quite fit, ie Stug in tank-destroyers, tanks etc.

Bit of a bad thread, sorry about that, made sense at the time. :oops:
Liberty ships
The liners Queen Mary Elizabeth (the Mary alone moved 600,000 personel)
Nordon Bomb sight. ( if this is not allowed I'll have the Manhattan project)
US Logistics
Eisenhowers choices

C-47 I know but these are his.

Mine would include
The Manhattan Project
The floating harbours - Mulberries
The Liberty/Victory ships - and the associated streamlined construction.
The Code breakers of both the Japanese codes and the breakage of the Enimiga codes.


(1) All German fighters of the war.

(2) Elephant schwere-panzerjäger

(3) Panzer: Tiger

(4) Panzer: Panther

(5) Panzer: Königstiger

(6) SS Panzerdivisionen "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler", "Das Reich" "Totenkopf" (absolutely the best warriors the world ever came to see in the XX century).

(7) Vergeltungswaffe V2 (the daddy of all modern missile technology)

(eight) Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein
"Der Manstein kommt!"

(9) Generalfeldmarschall Wolfram von Richtofen, brutally efficient and ruthless in fulfilling his task. Perhaps one of the most brilliant air force commander of the entire war.

(10) Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model.
1.The 17 lbr anti-tank gun. Should of gone into production in 1940!

2. The British MGB (Motor Gun Boat). Go to love those little things; 115 feet long, 30 crew, 2 semi-automatic 6 lbrs (57mm), up to 4 Oerlikon 20mms (two singles, one twin), 40mm Pom-Pom, 2 dual Vickers .303s and four 1,500hp marine engines.

3. RADAR (Radio Auto Detection And Ranging); WINDOW, Chain Home Low, Chain Home, ASV mk III, H2S and H2X night bombing aids, Big Ben.

4. The Jadgpanzer IV.

5. The Panzershreck. The German copied the bazooka but went back to the original inventors design for the thing, making it much more effective.

6. Mulberry Harbours and PLUTO. Inspired ideas to difficult problems.

7. The MG42. Best machine gun of the war.

8. The Royal Navy. 'Nuff said, they rock!

9. Allied codebreaking and deception efforts. Fake armies, dummie harbours, signals intelligence and Enigma.

10. The Free French and Free Polish. No home left, country occupied, but still driven to fight to the end.

and one more for the road

11. The radar proximity fuse. The best 'wonder weapon' of the war.
I agree GN, Jabbers list is a good one. Ive been to the Isle of Wright and seen the end of PLUTO that still sticks out of the beach, a brilliant idea indeed.


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Aw, shucks

*looks at ground and shuffles feet*

All these compliments. :D

All the lists are pretty damned good.

Special mention to the Willeys Jeep (nice one Gnomey and wmaxt), Manhattan project (how could I forget that?), Liberty ships (another classic).

Negative marks for the Norden though. Like the Wright brothers, it just had a better marketing team than the competition did. :twisted:
Here's mine:
1) Willy Jeep (Awesome vechicle!)
2) General George S. Patton (Old Blood and Guts!)
3) Tiger 1
4) Paratroopers of 101st Airborne and 82nd in Europe
5) General Omar Bradley. "The Soldier's General"
6) 105mm Artillery Piece (American)
7) Higgins Boat
8 ) M1 Garand (An American soldier's best friend!)
9) Browning M1 30.06 (Great mobile gun!)
10) MG-42 (Great gun ahead of its time.)
11) Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox)
12) M1 "Pot" Helmet (Good and Sturdy!)
13) Panzerkampwagon IV (Good tank, tough and mobile)
14) K rations (Best thing to happen too the Allies!)
15) Katuysha Rockets. (Soviet's "Artillery")
16) BAR (Squad gun)
17) Eureka Radio System (Made D-Day easier!)
It's Panzerkampfwagen, not panzerkampwagon ...they're not goin' on a f*ckin' "vacation" in Montana, you tart. It can also be Pz.Kpfw - some people just say Pz. ...but that's wrong because it'd translate into Panzer which is just armour ...which is wrong.

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