US Navy's Newest Fighter (1945)

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Oct 18, 2006
It was a simpler time then, wasn't it? Can't deny the power and beauty.
This is dated June 8, 1945, and is a clipping tucked into my Dad's
1944 Annual Naval Review.


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Darryl Greenamyer of Reno air racing fame, world speed records and a SR-71 pilot has rebuilt his F7F-3 TigerCat, serical number 80374, N7629C. So another of these fast fighters is now on the flight line again. Darryl is interested in selling the plane as he says he is too old to be doing 500MPH plus! If you are interested, drop me an email and I will pass it on to Darryl.
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I saw a Tigercat fly at Duxford a couple of years ago - an amazing machine, certainly would have made a great name for itself if it had made it into action.

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