Very well put together web site

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Jul 31, 2005
Loves Park, Illinois, USA
I have to say that this has turned into a very interesting web site! congrats to those of you that helped develop it and I hope it stays around for a long time. Came across it while searching for info, and think I will stay a while.
Great site! Ton's of info!
Welcome to da club, Grandpa! When I came here, I was just seeking an info and after visiting the Off Topic section, I guessed this is only a bunch of cretins. But it became my favorite place on the net now!

thanks gramps, i've been here for years, i just can't ceem to leave :lol: i can't even remember how i cam across this site!
Holy crap, Pips!?! You had to ask if it was a Spitifre!?!?!?!?

And welcome, grandpapa...:thumbright:
Hi Mr Grandpapa its a sad tale but most of us only paid a fleeting visit and before we knew it Zap we got trapped.
I only came on here to ask the time and my bloody modem got jammed
Most of the guys are great all except that Skimmer fella he,s a submariner so all that raptures of the deep stuff has made him a bit water logged. Ive heard him on the what do you sound like thread. permanent Helium absorption where as I'm such a swarve sophisticated English gentleman the contrast is absolutely bleeding amazing ;) :lol:
I like you really skim :p
"...swarve sophisticated English gentleman..."

You're a Southern Jessie Tit, you mean. :lol:
ooo D Im all uset now Old Grandpapa is going to get the wrong impression of us limeys as if we are not all one big happy family.
I hope you enjoy your visits GPP dont listen to D his a very sad man/ boy/ man oh whatever but he is hot on Tanks and stuff.
The Jagdflieger Pips said:
Welcome to you! And Pisis, where did you get that picture in your sig? It looks so familiar. :O It's a Spitfire, right?

lol it's surely a Spitfire man. It's a personal Spit of an ace W/Cdr Douglas R. Bader, DFC&Bar, DSO, who despite that was legless, scored some 22+ airborne kills. He lead the no. 242 Canadain sqdn until he was shot down in 1942, I think. Then he was kept in Stalag Luft (concentration camp for shot down Ally pilots) where he tried to escape and destroyed his peggy-legs, so the RAF delivered him new on a chute! :lol:

This is a modified picture in GIF format to be transparent, and so it is less quality. I'll post the original picture tommorrow, since now I'm very tired and it would take some minutes to upload, cuz my PC is running winXP on 32mb ram. :lol:

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