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Apr 2, 2005
i think it is hurricane .




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yes that is a Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc LF363 of the RAF's Battle Of Britian Memorial Flight, sporting the markings of 'US-C', a 56 Squadron Hurricane Mk1 from the summer of 1940..............

interestingly, this hurricane's sister hurri, the BBMF's Mk IIc PZ865, is appearing in a totally new paint scheme this season, and she will be seen in the markings of Hurricane IIC BE581, as flown by the Czech fighter ace Flt Lt Karel Kuttelwascher during night intruders operations with the RAF's legendary No 1(F) Squadron in 1942.............
actually i don't do not assume my sorces or try to undermind me, i found it on the BBMF website, i'm considdering joining the lincolnshire lancaster society.......

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