Were there any enemy planes at the D-Day landings?

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the V1 launch sites were in the Pas de Calais area.

JaFu II made about 23 claims of Allied a/c in the vicinity of Normandy on June 6. http://jg26.vze.com/ > see bottom for Tony Woods link

As Mosman said, I think only 2 Fw190s flown by Priller and Wodarczyk from JG26 actually flew over the landing beaches.
It's my understanding that on D-Day 2 German planes flew over the beaches. Also the Fleet/beaches had a fighter cover consisting of P-38s only to provide Identifiable cover to the very nervous defense teams on the ships.

NOTE: this is over the beaches/ships, inland it was another story with a lot of tacticle flying including B-17/B-24 raids on German defensive positions inland!
cheddar cheese said:
Weren't the 2 German planes 109's?

I think, so Priller comes to mind but that might just be me being silly again. I got that from the book JG-26 by Don Caldwell I think, I didn't check and confirm.
I believe this is the plane he flew on D-day. After rummaging a bunch of pictures of different planes he had.. :lol:


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