What book are you reading right now?

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Knights of Bushido: A Short History Of Japanese War Crimes
by Lord Russell of Liverpool

I am about 1/4 of the way through it. Quite a good book.


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I will say though that there are parts that are difficult to read. The horrors inflicted on the Chinese and the allied POWs were pure evil. It has increased my appreciation for the guys that fought in the Pacific, all of the allies. But while the POWs were mistreated on a horrendous scale, the Coolies that were essentially slaves faired even worse.
Nachtjäger volume 2 by D. Wiiliams, still going through his mistakes. JG 300 volume 1 still only about 3/4rs of the way through.

working on one of my own books and typing out letters to veterans
I bet Evan that it is grim, I read a few years ago a great book on German war crimes. It was deeply disturbing and I mean deeply and I am very used to war crimes, etc. This book made me really wonder how could one human do such a thing to another human. I am sure your book is very much the same. Very sad that anyone had to suffer like that. War is war, torture is totally different and evil. You read books like this and you learn what real evil is, evil is just a word to most people and they don't understand what it really means until you read what some of these people did to other fellow human beings.
side note just released in England is Scale Aircraft Modelling with Neil Pages Dora 9 article: many pics and good text........

enjoy I am when it comes to the States
lesofprimus said:
Flyboys by James Bradley, concerning the murder and execution of several American Naval Aviators on Chichi Jima....

Finished up the JG 300 Vol I book last weekend.... Sooo much information in that book.... Cant wait for the translated Vol II to come out....

That's a good one. I read that one a couple of years ago. Unbelievable what those poor aviators went through.
For my schoolwork, I'm currently cycling through all of those:

Erich Kulka: Židé v československé Svobodově armádě, Naše vojsko, Praha 1990
Ludvík Svoboda: Z Buzuluku do Prahy, Naše Vojsko, Praha 1974
Karel Richter: Přes krvavé řeky, Ostrov, Praha 2003
Karel Richter: Apokalypsa v Karpatech, Ostrov, Praha 2003
Karel Richter: Dobývání domova, Ostrov, Praha 2005
Karel Richter: Československý odboj na Východě, FMO, Praha 1992
Jiří Fidler: Sokolovo 1943, Naše vojsko, 2004
Natalia Berger a kolektiv: Na křižovatce kultur – Historie československých Židů, Mladá fronta, Praha, 1992
Tomáš Pěkný: Historie Židů v Čechách a na Moravě, Sefer, Praha 1992
Miroslav Šáda, Karel Krátký, Jan Beránek: Za svobodu Československa – Brána Svobody (Druhý svazek díla kapitoly z dějin čs. Vojenské jednotky v SSSR za druhé světové války), Praha 1961
Arnošt Steiner, Jindřich Drebota: Za cenu života, Naše Vojsko, Praha 1981
Václav Houžvička: Návraty sudetské otázky, Karolinum, Praha 2005
Zdeněk Beneš, Drahomír Jančík, Jan Kuklík, ml., Eduard Kubů, Václav Kural, Robert Kvaček, Václav Pavlíček, Jiří Pešek, René Petráš, Zdeněk Radvanovský (a kol.), Radovan Suchánek: Rozumět dějinám – Vývoj česko-německých vztahů na našem území v letech 1848-1948, Gallery, Pardubice 2002

.... :rolleyes:
Notes from a small Island - Bill Bryson

not war/aviation related at all.

I am also reading a Psychology of Military Incompetance though, which is :)
I am reading two right now:

The Cactus Air Force - Thomas Miller
Interesting so far on a subect that I have not seen alot of books on, air battle for Guadalcanal.

Die Deutsche Luftwaffe 1939-1945 - A.Galland, K.Ries, R.Ahnert
Great book, lots of nice pics in it that I will be posting here today at some time.

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