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Oct 18, 2006
The barn swallows on my porch will fledge today, and all 4 have made it
through some dicey weather. Here they are, pretending I can't see them:


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Yeah it seems like he could become one of the greats.

Today - England finally bowled out the Windies and won the test by 60 runs (and the series 2-0) making Michael Vaughan the most successful England Cricket Captain ever with 21 wins...
WCMUT was me catching a shoplifter. Saw a woman hanging around the tent packs we keep at the front of the store, glancing around everywhere. As I watched her, she just picked it up and walked out with it. So I followed her out (those things weigh a tonne, so she wasn't going anywhere fast) and in the most authoritarian tone I could muster, asked loudly 'excuse me, are you going to pay for that?' She turned around, gave a very casual 'no', handed it back to me and walked off. She seemed to be high on something; I can't understand how people can let themselves get like that. Still, go me!
Sitting on the tail of the Russell Mk IX as she started:D and yes they are erect due to curcumstances


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