What Did You Get For Christmas? (2)

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Just came to mind a thread we had a year ago here...

Well, I didn't get that much - a book about Václav Havel, a book from Kafka, a cell phone (from the company)... I got more things for Hannuka - jeans, shoes, a cap, a new MP3 player, books... :confused:

What did you get?
for my laptop
- Wireless mouse
- USB lava lamp
- 4 port USB hub with clock and thermomiter, the temperature is 19.5C or 67.1F

a bath duck that lights up when put in water
a book
another book
the air in the war DVDs
Zulu dawn on DVD
the Dad's army movie (which is generally considdered more of an extended episode)
A nice parker pen for school

that's most of it, i'm having a great day!
The KoPro Su-22M4 1:48 model :D ,a new cell phone,a shirt :) ,another model Academy 1:72 Typhoon IB :D , a book "The Polish squadrons in September campaign 1939" :D .
TinWistle, book on how to play the tinwistle, beltclip watch, CD's, Digital Camera.

Not bad for a day's haul.
BBQ utensils, some nice art and words of kindness from my boys, Sennheiser 650 headphones, lectric toothbrush and a salt grinder. Its all good. :cool:
I just found out this will be coming this winter 2007 to my doorstep from friend and artist Simon Schatz .... ......... 8) I know one of the pilots in the III./NJG 5 watch as this a/c flew away to Switzerland

I thought so as I also will include 3 sigs from former members of III. gruppe that I have interviewed over the years, one an RK winner and since passed away....
so gnomey are we going about when the winter finally hits for you to do a little backcountry skiing or up in Scotland for an early morning Scottish Ice climb ? ;)
I scored for Hanukkah this year:

19" flat panel LCD monitor for my 'puter.
One-six Left DVD companion to on-six right
"Office Space" kit (hilarious stuff from the movie, including an initech mug)
"Pimp my cubicle" kit for my office. (Nuther fun office thing)
Couple of hardbound aviation related books
New alarm clock with 1.5" high numbers (perfect for me at night without my glasses!)

Also got some clothes and some DIY store gift certificates.

A good haul. 8)
Top Gear Board Game
James May's Motormania Car Quiz
Trivial Pursuit DVD Game
Tony Hawks Underground 2 on PS2
Liquier Chocolates
Some stuff for the car (A Leather, Deicer, Road Atlas etc)
Elvis Piano Book
Clarkson: The Good, the bad and the Ugly

and a few other bits and pieces, including a horrible scarf which ill never wear ;)
The real fun is spending my Christmas money (think I got about £100 from various people).

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