What do you do for a living?

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Screaming Eagle

Senior Master Sergeant
Nov 26, 2006
Queensland, Australia
Hey all

I don't know if this has already been done but just to find out a bit more about you guys I thought I would create a thread about what we do for a living. I work part time at Hungry Jacks (Australian version of Burer King) and during the week I am a school based apprentice boilermaker. I am a 1st year apprentice.

So, what do you do for a living?
Nightshift picker at Matthew Clark Wholesale here in Glasgow. I pick all the nice and tasty booze that goes out to all the pubs, bars, restaurants around central and southern Scotland. Also gets delivered to Ireland and some of the islands.
Medical Back office (Cleaning and stocking, ordering supplies and anything else that needs done)

Chruch Janitor

Personal assistant for a elderly couple (Shopping cleaning and anything else that needs done)

That's three part time jobs that pays the same as one full time and gives me my weekends and flexible time to do what I need to during the week.

Well I am an A&P aircraft mechanic who is currently not working as an A&P mechanic because it is ****ing hard to get a job here in Europe. Hopefully one of the litterally hundreds of resumes I sent out to litterally hundreds of companies here in Europe will pick me up in the next few weeks.

If anyone has any friends inside some of these companies here in Europe please let me know. I would be greatful.

Currently while I wait to get hired working on aircraft I work in a warehouse at the military airfield that I worked at when I was in the Army.
I'm a pilot in the USMC. Currently in the last phase of flight school for helos. After I finish I'm slated for the MV-22 Osprey.
Full time I work for an aircraft services company that does contract aircraft maintenance for aircraft at the USAF Academy at Colorado Springs. We also provide the tow aircraft for the soaring program. I'm the Quality Control Manager, Engineering System's Manager and the Repair Station Chief Inspector.

Part time I'm a flight instructor and Inspection Authorization (IA). I do annual inspections on GA aircraft and maintenance consulting on jet warbirds (primarily L-29s and 39s) as well as flight instruction and flight reviews.
I work in the I.T. department for the 4th largest A/E/C firm in the U.S. A/E/C mean Architectural/Engineering/Civil. I'm in a group that primarily does research on where we can recommend the direction the company should go with their CAD products. We also do configuration, implementation, and consultation with the different users, project manager, unit managers and divisions.
I drive truck delivering produce and other foodstuffs to restaurants etc . Pays not great but I eat well and cheap . Advantage of driving truck is very little interference from the shirts and i stay reasonably fit for free
Yes, well, RFLP is a little passe, as SNP's are more high throughput. We still use Caps markers for research purposes, some people call them RFLP as well. Not sure if you mean that?
this has been done before

i now work for Sony Corporation Europe in sales. They have an office in Cambridge, UK where im based. pays terribly badly and the people are arses. im trying to get back into my old job at Robert Sayle doing a better job - administration. its not for everyone, but i think ill like it.

So, Peter, what does your job entail? like selling gaming stuff, i.e. PS2, PS3, games, etc?

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