What do you do for a living?

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Is that legal in Canada? If you're a Bruins fan than you must hate Montreal.

I'm a life long Wings fan, but since my boys got booted in the 2nd round this year, I was rooting for the Bruins.
Lots of B's fans here about 30% of this town are B's fans
I recently came out of semi retired management consultant role into full time VP-North America for a start up high Tech Geophysical services company. We do multi measurement, multi interpretation Basin models to provide geostatistical probabilities of subsurface structure and fluid properties.

Short answer - we help oil/gas and mining companies find stuff... but we have to be in play before our clients invest in 3 D Seismic.
I have a new job! I sit on my butt watching the animals/scenery/seasons change, fish, boat, and travel while I wait for the checks to arrive every month. All you young guys/gals keep working, I need your contributions
I've been working at a Long Term Accute Care Hospital for 36yrs.
Was Plant Operations Supervisor. Am Lead Maintenance Technician ($3/hr. raise and not as many headaches.
Stationary Steam Engineer
Certified Pool Operator
Water system analyst (Boilers, Therapy pool, heating/cooling systems)
Department procedures coordinator
Electrical/Mechanical tech.

Hobby: Researching WW2 fighters since 1968. So I know my Ex is an F2A Buffalo (she looks just like it sounds.
My present wife and Ex got into it a few years ago. Wife outmaneuvered, outclimbed and outgunned my EX. Wife is a Spitfire (sleek, beautiful and deadly).
Now that I am officially RETIRED, I do very little. I am employed by Checkered Flag Motor Car Company as a DX driver. I move new Hondas Toyotas
wherever they want them moved. To and from tent sales, to dealers in other near by states, and once in awhile they want drivers to re-do their lots.
Don't have to punch a clock, or pick up a paycheck.... we have direct deposit. I'm lovin' it !

I don't know, Seesul. I don't know what the laws are in the Czech Republic. In the US (at the moment) you can
retire when you reach 65 years of age.


68 is now the new retirement age in the brave new Britain.
Thanks a bunch Mr Cameron

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