What Do Your Usernames Mean?

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Jun 26, 2006
hole in the ground said:
hmm no sorry, tell you what i'll give you till tomorrow then i tell you.
Although if you are realy fussed you could just check out my email adress.
scratch that tomorrow is AGI day no chance am i going to be on a laptop.
It's Cave, my surname is Cave.


Tech Sergeant
Oct 3, 2005
Nonskimmer said:
Huh? We don't have a 6th Armoured Division. They are still called the 1st Hussars.

Woooooooooow!!!!!! I cant beleive I said Division i meant 6th Armoured Regiment, and yes I see it is still called the First Hussars, but it was also known as the 6th armoured Regiment, back when we had enough tanks to make up a division, I have been calling it the wrong thing for a while now


2nd Lieutenant
Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
OK, Huss, but the original name comes from Czech and it is 1 Hussar, 2 Hussars, 3 Hussars, etc.. So in fact you cannot be called Hussars, but just Hussar (unless you're a siamese twins, which ovbviously from the pic you ain't).


Senior Airman
Apr 16, 2006
His user name contains the plural because it refers to the 6th Armoured Regiment which contains more than one bloke.

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