What Is The All-Time Best PC Game?

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I have several favorite games. I like RPG games and Sims. Although I played (and modded) thoudands of games throughout the past years, I have my top three - my favtrite sim is my beloved European Air War from Microprose (see my webpage CS HQ for more) and the RPG would be the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 series (in my humble opinion the best game ever).

What is your favorite game?
And what do you think was the best game ever cretaed - seen from the most revolutionary, unique, etc views?
The GTA series, now that was revolutionary.

My personal favourite ? I don't have one.
Well, the first two rocked ... but after that they suck monkey testicles smelling of frozen peas.
I was going to say Doom as well, Les and include Wolfenstein 3D, the immediate predecessor to Doom. That was a real innovation in first person shooters that almost everyone else followed. That 3D engine was HUGE for it's time.
C C series was really good, yes. But we cannot forget Dune in that, which was the parallel to C C.
Anyone remember oldschools like the Accolade series (F1 + Bikes), The Stunts, Sokoban, Lotus, Transport Tycoon, The Olympic Series, The Incredible Machine...? Seems almost incredible if you compare it to nowadays games...

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