What Just Happened!? 😳😲

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Aug 21, 2006
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Liverpool FC finally clicked

Let's see if it lasts more than one game, though. They've been incredibly inconsistent this season, losing to teams they, frankly, should have demolished. The defence, in particular, had been very leaky.

There have been a lot of false dawns this season with Liverpool as I've hoped to see a return to the form of last season. To date, my hopes have all been in vain (and I've been a Liverpool fan since Bob Paisley was manager and Kevin Keegan wore the No.7 shirt).

I suspect yesterday's performance says more about the limits of the ten Hag turnaround at Old Trafford than it does about a Liverpool return to consistent form.

All that said, I can't stop chuckling because, well….we stuffed Utd 7-0! 😂😂😂
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I grew up watching football with my granddad back in the mid-70's, which was when I became a fan of (kinda) Newcastle and Sunderland....

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