What kind of car do you drive?

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Nov 8, 2004
What kind of car do you drive?

Ive got a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 4WD

Shes a bit dirty cuz I have not washed her due to the stormy weather here in Germany right now. I would like to trade her in for 2005 maybe but what I really want is a 2004. I just prefer the body style on the 2004's.

Jeep there is only one!


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Nice. My father in law used to drive one just like it. He had 3 grand cherokees until the last one he had. I don't remember the year, but it turned out to be a real POS that left him stranded in the Sierras 3 times. It could have just been a bad one, but it turned him away from Jeeps because the dealer could never find anything wrong. I know a lot of people that are very happy with them though.
I am a Jeep freak. It is all my family has pretty much owned. We have never had a problem with though. I dont know about other years though, soem may be crap like you say.
It is possible that he just got a defective one. Unfortunately, the dealer couldn't find anything wrong, so it left a bad taste in his mouth. Can't say I blame him.
Yeah I have had minor problems with mine but nothing major. I usually just disconnect the battary and reconnect it and it works just fine. I love them.
I'm still in the process of making my own driver license - two months to get it... :rolleyes:

However, I yet got a car. Škoda Felicia Combi... pretty rusty though... I don't have a pic of it here, but just to see how this trash looks like, hehe (mine is silver metallise, as well. But much older and in much worst condition):




A lot of Škoda's are driven here, in Israel. I've also seen many in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and the UK. Very good car!
I dont have my license or a car yet, but when I'm in the Marines I'd like to get a Ford F150 or a Dodge 2500....
work : 71 Chevy 1-ton flat bed

for the Mrs.: 2004 Pontiac Vibe

personal choice: Cervelo TT ~


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You were saying in Germany they drive Skodas a lot. About 5 minutes from my place is a Skoda dealership.

I like the F-150's but I personally go for Rams when it comes to pickups.
are Opels still seen about in Deutschland Adler ? Audi's obviously with the monster plant outside of Ingolstadt.

I'll still stick with my trusty two ~ wheeler
Fiat Bravo, missus has a Fiat Punto a Hyundai Coupe for the weekends.


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1989 Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk.II. Damn quick 8) Figures for standard XR2's are a 0-60mph of 9.3secs, which for a 16 year old car with an ancient 1.6 engine inst bad, because mine has no unnecessary stuff in it (Like windows, bumbers, seats, dashboard, trim etc) I reckon its actually somewhere in the 8.0-8.5 sec bracket 8)


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Erich said:
are Opels still seen about in Deutschland Adler ? Audi's obviously with the monster plant outside of Ingolstadt.

I'll still stick with my trusty two ~ wheeler

Yeah you see a lot of Opels but a lot of people are going to the Audis right now. Audi A8's are pretty sweet. The most seen cars are VW's (VW Jettas are fricken great), BMW's and Mercedes.

I personally of the bunch like Mercedes the best.

And CC my wife drives a Ford Fiesta also, but is fixing to die on her so maybe I can talk her into buying herself a Jeep Liberty, or buy me a 2004 or 2005 Grand Cherokee and she drive my 95. :D
yep some big bad Northwest 4x4's on the autobahn ! yep that is what they need. second vehicle in almost 1/2 of the occupants in my slave state

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