What the heck were they?

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Jan 29, 2007
Hey all,
Can anyone tell me what planes they used in the movie Das Boot? I know the fighter is supposed to be a swordfish but it doesnt look anything close. In fact, this might be a dumb thing to say but could it possibly be a P-47?
Also in the final bombing scene what are those things? I know they're American planes made up to look like British war planes but I don't have even the smallest clue. Can anyone help me? I really need this for Uni and Im just not smart enough to work it out myself. I you don't know for sure i really would appreciate an educated guess at what they could be.
Without looking at the film again, IIRC the aircraft in the last scene were Harvards or Texans.

I don't think any fighter could be mistaken for a Swordfish !!!!
The final scene where the incoming bombers scattered their formation for the attack run, almost looked like it was taken from the "Battle Of Britain"..... a bunch of He-111's.
I DIDNT MISTAKE THE SWORDFISH FOR A P-47 HEHEHEHEH. the real life event was with a swordfish but the movie couldnt get their hands on one I guess because whatever they used is nothing like it.
My uni course is a PhD in critical theory and I'm studying Lancaster rear gunners with it. Already interviewed one and got another in the pipeline. Crazy interesting. Amazing men.
Anyhow part of what I'm writing has to cover a little bit of the movie Das Boot and as the main focus is aviation I think it's vital to know what the planes they used were. The stringbag is what they should have used but not what is in that movie scene at all and I'm not smart enough to know what it was they used. It goes too fast for me.
'Lanc' I am amazed that you've not seen Das Boote (I think it has an 'e'). Said by many to be the best 'War' TV series - there is also an abridged version. The 'boote' refers to an German submarine, and it's operations - in the Atlantic Mediteranean. The aircraft content I would think refers to anti-submarine aircraft, and those bombers fighters attacking the base on the submarine's return.
Certainly worth viewing if you get the opportunity.
It really is a great PhD.
As long as it doesn't kill me.

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