Whats more velnerable P-38 or P-47 in ground attack

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Mar 21, 2005
In a ground attack role, which would be safer to be in whenm there's incoming flak, 20mm and small arms fire.?
P-47D i would say. I like the radial engine, even though the P-38 has the dual-engine layout. The P-47 seems like it has a safe cockpit to me, with the more width between the pilot and the bottom of the airframe, offering more protection. Also the P-47 has better side/down view, so you can better avoid a threat because you can see it.
tough question twin engines with liquid cooled engines with a smaller profile or radial with with larger profile i like the 38 because of smaller frontal profile
I personally dont think it is much of a difficutl decision. The P-47 was designed for it, the P-38 was not. The P-47 was a better ground attack aircraft and I think history has proven this.
The P47 was designed as a high altitude fighter. The ground attack role was not a consideration when it was still on the drawing board.

The P38 was designed as a bomber interceptor. Again, the ground attack role wasnt even a consideration.
I would rather be in something without a radiator. But, air cooled radial engines do have oil coolers, and a hit in the oil cooler is just as bad.
The internal frame of her belly was reinforced and constructed specificaly for wheels up crash landings.

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