Who was the Better Boxer, Joe Frazier or Muhammad Ali

Who was the Better Boxer, Joe Frazier or Muhammad Ali?

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Soundbreaker Welch?

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Feb 8, 2006
Colorado, USA
They had three bouts together.

Ali won two of them, but he never knocked down Frazier to win them. Fraizer won one of them, but he knocked Ali to the ground.

So vote, and decide "THE CHAMPION"
Ali/Clay ... the "Rope a Dope" fight was pure genius. Never saw a fight so orchistrated. lovely to watch.
Clay was a better boxer than Frazier but there were better boxers than Clay in the history of boxing. For instance Ray Robinson, probably Joe Louis, Gene Tunney.
The best way to compare boxers is to take them at their peak... Mike Tyson at his peak would have destroyed anyone who entered that ring...

Even Joe Lois, rated Best Puncher out of a 100?
Joe Louis never fought someone as ferocious and full of angst as Tyson in his Prime... He wouldnt know how to fight him...


The only fighter who was close to Tyson from that era (40s-50s) was Jake LaMotta, but he wasn't a heavyweight. LaMotta also did a "rope a dope" then came out and mauled his opponents...
I think that the original question of who was the better boxer was interpreted by me to mean who was the best boxer( scientifically) not who was the best fighter. Of course when you are talking about fighters in different eras you bring in the difference in size and strength. Fighters today are usually bigger and stronger than those who fought in 1927 say. Dempsey fought at about 189 and Tunney was just over 190. Dempsey was a better fighter in the mold of Tyson, Tunney was the better boxer in the mold of Clay. Tunney won.(both times)

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