Yo, my aircraft lovin daaaaawwwwgs...

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Feb 4, 2007
London, GB
Hi, just want to introduce myself, i am dreadnought aka random chimp (dunno why). this intro is pointless goodbye.

ilikestories. he he he
For some reason, this is the mental picture I get from ur so very well spoken words...


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Yes his English is somewhat lacking, I suggest you read past threads and learn how things work around here daaawwwwwggg, but other than that- welcome!
It's late, I'm heading back to the hizzous... you stayin?

Fo shizzle ma nizzle!

Sorry dreadnought but I am not your "Dawg".

Do some misguided individuals in the UK use the "word" yo??? I thought that was an oddity of American hip-hop culture.

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