1. JKim

    **** DONE: 1/48 Fw190 D-9 "Blue 12" - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    Username: JKim First Name: John Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hobby Boss Model Type: Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9 Aftermarket Addons: Maybe PE seatbelts and canopy masks Black 12 of II/JG6
  2. Wolfman_63

    Searching for 1/48 decals for Tamiya F-16C Thunderbirds.

    Does anyone have a set of decals for the Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Thunderbird? It would be kit # 61102. I just need both decal sheets. If you have a set, PM me with cost and shipping to 60193 in the USA. Thanks in advance!
  3. le_steph40

    **** DONE: 1/48 MS 406 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    Username: le_steph40 First name: Stéphane Category: intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: AZModel Model Type: Morane Saulnier MS 406 Aftermarket addons:decals AML 48022 The kit The project I hope to have time to finish...
  4. JKim

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Fw190 A-4 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    Username: JKim First name:John Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hasegawa Model Type: Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 Aftermarket addons: Eduard Canopy and Wheel Masks, Print Scale Decals, spare PE seatbelts Flown by Lt. Walter Nowotny of I/JG54 in Russia, 1942
  5. Lucky13

    All Blacks?

    No, no, no.....not the New Zealand rugby team...! Anyhoo, this lovely wee bird has got me wondering, regarding all black '109's (and '190's), how many were there, not gonna get my hopes up for an all black '13', or....hmmmm....naaaah....I seem to remember a 'Green 7' as well, as I said we're...
  6. Angels one-five

    Airfix 1/48 Seafire FR47

    Finally got this one underway after finding very little freetime of late. I've started the detail painting and hopefully will get the fuselage etc together tonight. I thought I'd include a pilot figure for a change and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. I realise that a 1950's RN Seafire...
  7. J

    RAAF P-51D Mustang underwing recognition lights?

    Hi all, I'm building a 1/48 P-51D Mustang from Tamiya and intend to finish it in the markings of A68-809 flown (and sadly, crashed) by Wing Commander Lou Spence of 77 Sqn in Korea. The model (designed to be an American-built F-51D) features three lights to be painted red, amber and green...
  8. Blue Yonder

    Building a 1/48 Hangar...HELP!

    Hello all! Haven't been on in a while and must say I missed checking out the site/various projects that everyone has been building. My workbench has been covered in dust for several months, welcomed my daughter into the world and since she has been here I have had little time to do anything...
  9. dneid

    1/48 Lysander and Storch?

    Hey, All, I am looking for any leads on both a Westland Lysander and Fiesler Storch in 1/48th scale? I can find a 1/72 Lysander and a 1/32 Storch. I could have sworn I built a 1/48 of each YEARS ago. Thanks in advance for the help. Dale
  10. mrf17

    Finished Gabreski Jug

    First post, guys. Thought I'd share my P-47D25 decked out in Gabby Gabreski's colors. I know this particular aircraft has been overdone to death, but it is still one of the best looking aircraft from the entire war. Polly Scale colors, Ultracast seat, and a Paasche VL brush. I have a few...