1/48 Italeri Fw 190A-5

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Vic Balshaw

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Jul 20, 2009
Thought I'd slot this on in before the next GB.
20230425 1.JPG

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An annoying trait that is still going on, you will note no Swastikas on the box art and also the decal. obviously there is still some sensitivity around so I can understand the box art, but come on italeri, no swastika decals, not even broken up..................................

So improvisation, lucky I had some.
20230425 3.JPG

Have decided to do the Major Hermann Graf aircraft while he was in command of Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost in April 1943.

20230425 4.jpg

As is my want I do have a few extras to incorporate.
A set of CMK resin wheels, some Eduards cockpit detail and masks, and Master MG17 barrels and pitot.
Thanks for calling in gents and thanks for the kind words. Progress has been slow, household duties and other factors plus the fact I've been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. This kit provides etched steel parts for the instrument panel and cockpit side shelves so I decided to do a bit of mix and match by using up scraps of etched detail to make up the cockpit. I had some bits of Eduard PE for a Fw 190A Eduards kit and though slightly bigger than the Italeri PE I have managed to get them fitted with a reasonably good outcome. Judge for yourselves.

20230428 1.JPG

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20230428 3.JPG

I have a question. My Italeri instruction give two colours for the three propeller blades (see below) Is this normal for a Fw 190A!

20230428 4.JPG

Forging ahead today..............................................
Old cannon blister and expended shell chute removed unwanted panel lines filled and hardening. Will score new lines tomorrow.

20230429 1.JPG
20230429 2.JPG

20230429 3.JPG

20230429 4.JPG

New underwing blisters being made. Left almost finished but had to stop as my fingers were starting to cramp up. Right one still to have the shape finished and then both polished.
20230429 5.JPG

Eh Th-Th-Th That's all folks. :D
I have a question. My Italeri instruction give two colours for the three propeller blades (see below) Is this normal for a Fw 190A!

View attachment 718259

IMHO that's the misinterpretation of the colour tone. The Anthon prop was of the schwrzgrun overal usually. Certainly it can't be excluded that the maintenece crew repainted the inner sides of the prop blades for some reason.
Thanks Wojtek. I did have my suspicions that it could relate to shading interpretation and I could find nothing to clarify it. :D
Many thanks Gents.

Well she looks like an airplane now with its wings on but it was not without issues.
20230430 1.JPG

Had I followed the instructions, I could almost guarantee that this build would be in the garbage bin after a couple of size 13 boots had trampled it. To fit the wings I had to put in a couple of wedges to ease out the side walls and the add a bit of card to fill the now smaller but still remaining gap on the port side. The starboard just needed some filler to finish it off.
20230430 2.JPG

20230430 3.JPG

The instructions said to construct the engine housings and fit to the fuselage. Test fits showed that if I had done this, I would not have been able to fit the wing assembly. As it was, fitting the nose assembly proved frustrating and as you can see a wa*ker of a fit. But we prevailed and with the aid of thick Zap and some Kicker them holes have been filled and the sticky out bits filed back.
20230430 6.JPG

20230430 5.JPG

As you can also see, the underwing work has been completed and I've also opened the ejector chutes for the inboard guns.
20230430 4.JPG

Looking at the photos, I think a bit of a clean-up is required before start masking. :D
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