1/48 Wirraway, Commonwealth GB

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How are things going John? Any new updates?

Thanks for asking NFN. I really can't get started on this till after Christmas - too much going on at the moment. I need big chunks of time - it's just too frustrating to work on a project for an hour or two, then have to put it away for a week.
Good info guys. Is that a genuine Wirraway in the pic, or a Harvard/Texan done up as one? If the latter, check the side steps John; I know they are fitted on the Harvard/Texan/T6, but could only see one on the plan drawing.

Nice choice John but I was wondering what is Wirraway?it looks like a T6 or Harvard.So are they the same frames with mods for combat service?Cheers
Was wondering whether any progress was being made on this build. I have one in the "to do" pile but it'll be YEARS before I get to it. Don't want to waste the gorgeous RedRoo update kit on my currently crappy modelling capabilities - need some more completed kits under my belt before I take a run at my Wirraway.

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