**** DONE: 1/48 Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina Commonwealth GB.

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Vic Balshaw

Brigadier General
Jul 20, 2009
Username: Vic Balshaw
First name: Vic
Category: 1 – Advanced
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Revell Kit No 5617 – PBY/OA-10A Catalina
Model Type: PBY/OA-10A converted back to a PBY-5 Catalina, A24-59/RB-L, 20 Squadron RAAF, January 1944.

Extras: Aussie Decals – A48021. Eduard Photo Etched Detail – 48182. Quickboost Engine – QB 48061. True Detail Cockpit Detail Set – 48457 and Wheel Set – 48101.

Haven't been able to find much detail but I just wanted to build a Catalina so selected A24-59 which is rather scant on information. It was issued to 20 Sqn on 1st Aug 1943 and given squadron code RB-L. It transferred to 43 Sqn on 12 Aug 1944 and then onto an Air Sea Rescue squadron in May 1946. It was eventually sold to the Sydney Morning Herald on 25 Mar 1947.

20 Squadron was formed at Port Moresby in New Guinea on 1 August 1941 and served thought the Pacific, mostly from bases in Australia doing bombing, mining in support of Allied operations and advancement and supply dropping to Allied coast watchers. Following the end of hostilities the squadron was called into mercy missions in the South West Pacific area as well as into Borneo, Manila, Port Moresby and Singapore. The squadron was disbanded on 27 March 1946.

This is a huge model, so for the curious the dimensions are, wing span 66.6cm (26¼ inch), length 41.3cm (16¼ inch).


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Lots of bits in this one...............


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Well then! When you said you were going after a bigger fish you weren't kidding! I'm sure it will come out as a masterpiece in your hands - quite frankly I'm afraid of that kit, as much as I'd like to build it myself.
Great choice Vic, and just think, if you don't have shelf room for it, you can float it in the pool or garden pond !
Thanks fellers, I hope I can come up to your expectations though I'm have a bit of a problem getting some decent info on the PBY-5 particularly details on the RAAF armament as these were PBY-3 upgraded to a 5. I'd also like to get my hand on details of the land legs and fuselage fittings of the PBY-5. Can any of you guys come up trumps.

WoW! Brilliant choice there Vic. You may wish to brush up on the differences between a -5 and -5A PBY Vic, but I'm sure you'll have it under control. This is going to be good! 8)

Peter, I have got to confess that I was going to do the -5A but at the last minute decided I liked the look of the -5 camo, and switched at the last minute, then I realised that some major changes would have to be made :oops: :oops: :oops: and since then I've been frantically hunting for -5 info without much luck. :( :( :( So now I need some help, you got anything?
Thanks Even, much appreciated and look forward to them. Am currently trolling through the AWM pictures.
Good going Vic. A very interesting plane. I think this is going to be one of those awesome group builds. There seems to be a great variety of planes to choose from. Not everyone trying to build the same plane. :)

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