**** DONE: 1/48 Curtiss P-40 N "Hep Cat" 75 Sqdn RAAF Commonwealth GB

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User Name: rochie
Name: Karl
Category: intermediate
Kit: Italeri
Accessories: none

ok here we go , my entry for group build No 8
Italeri's 1/48 Curtiss P-40 N AN29-1021 in the colours of 75 Sqdn RAAF "Hep Cat" flown by S/leader Clive Tolhurst.

decals have been very kindly supplied by Peter (Ozhawk) many thanks again mate

i've a few ref's thanks to Ozhawk and Wildcat and any more info would be greatly appreciated.

as i'm about to enter the very busy Christmas period at work and i also need to get a gas cylinder for the space heater in my workshop, idont expect to make much progress if any untill the new year.


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Their was a bloke in the States, used to frequent the airshows with his P-40. Customary for the show to provide the planes with fuel. He had 2 drop tanks, would fly in with them empty. Didn't take long, he was politely asked Not to show up!
well finally got at start made on Hep Cat :)
cockpit is done, need to fix in place the armor/headrest and the seat
fuselage sides are together sealing the radiators in place


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