**** DONE: 1/48 Curtiss P-40 N "Hep Cat" 75 Sqdn RAAF Commonwealth GB

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That's a head scratcher Karl but I'd vote the light gray, just because the underside of the intake looks very dark as well in the second pic.
thanks to you all

ok here's todays progress.

added some crud to the upper surfaces, where ground crew would have been when re-arming etc.

added a bit of dirt to the undersides, not to much but can add more if need to
dirtied up the wheels a bit.

and lastly how she stands as now, need to flat coat then add the last section of canopy, pitot and radio mast then paint the gun muzzles.

then i noticed on one of the pictures i have the exhausts had a light greyish staining so i may add some light greay exhaust staining along the fuselage after the flat coat has dried.

i'm learning a few lessons with this kit, should've added the canopy parts earlier than i did and also the leading edge wheel fairings as i now have noticable gaps on both parts :rolleyes:


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cheers guys.
last night i added some light grey/green paint to my flat coat and this has faded the paint a bit more.
i now have to touch up the dirt as that has faded as well, also completely forgot the tail wheel so will do that today along with the last bits and i should be done later this afternoon

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