**** DONE: 1/48 Curtiss P-40 N "Hep Cat" 75 Sqdn RAAF Commonwealth GB

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I have noticed a couple of minor incorrections. But still looking very nice. Good job Karl. :D
I like it Karl! Just putting on the flat will make it look even better. You might try messing around with pastels after the flat if you want an even more faded, worn look. I'm going to do that with mine. If you don't like it, just wipe it off with a damp towel. Olive drab didn't seem to ware to well, especially in very sunny conditions so I think just about any amount of fading you would want to do would seem realistic.
thank you all.
Wojtek, i have a few touch ups on the paint work to do and will address those after i finish with the decals ! if thats what you noticed
thanks Bill.

masked and attached the canopy last night, going to paint them today.
also started the decals but had to stop as part of the code letters go over part of the painted section of the canopy parts :rolleyes:.

should get the decals 99% finished today, then start attaching the landing gear and the last little bits :D
as i promised slave driver Wayne, here's my morning's work :D

i know there is a step at the canopy join :rolleyes: i might try and smooth that out with PVA glue !

the decals are all just settling down so i hope to start adding the landing gear tonight or maybe in the morning :D

the over painted serial numbers were added one at a time then the GA laid over the top, which was i bit of a pain.

one question, the fairings for the landing gear on the wing leading edges, were they painted grey or the same as the upper surfaces ?


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one question, the fairings for the landing gear on the wing leading edges, were they painted gray or the same as the upper surfaces ?

I've seen them gray, green, of Half and half. It you don't have reference pics to see it I guess it would be your choice.


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Hmm ? look at these two pics one looks grey the other looks a lot darker ????


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