**** DONE: Academy 1/72 P-40N "Cleopatra III" of Lt.Col. G.C.Atherton Commonwealth GB

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Igor, I found this profile in Squadron's P-40 Warhawk In Action. The shape and placement of the markings are somewhat different that in the profile you posted, and it looks like the fuselage roundel has been moved.


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Yes, I noticed that. Kit painting and decal placing instructions are clear about that and it also can be seen on the photos of the aircraft as well. The letter "U" should slightly overlap the roundel and traces of over painted old roundel can be noticed. I'll take that into consideration when I paint the upper surfaces.
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Okay, haven't been updating this thread with new photos lately, but it doesn't mean I wasn't working on this model (just wasn't taking photos of each step). Here's one quick snapshot of the current state of the build. Decals and finishing touches over the weekend...


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Cheers mates!:D
Well... Almost done! With the GB extended for few days I decided to finish this one slowly as I'm prone to make last minute blunders when I hurry.

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