41st Anniversary Of Churchills Death

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Yes, he was a great man, the best England has ever had! :salute:

The greatest Briton in history.
We had a 100 top great Britons on TV a while back. But my opinion;

1. Churchill
2. Nelson
3. Isambard Kingdom Brunel
4. Henry VIII
5. Hugh Dowding
6. The Black Prince
7. Frank Whittle
8. Sir Arthur Wellsley
9. Montgomery
10. Elizabeth I

I'm sure all those could be contested, but it's just my opinion.
All of those I can understand except Lennon and Diana.
I think the fact that Henry VIII cut off Britain's ties with the Vatican and made us truly independant is what made me rank him higher.
The debate could go on forever of who should be in the top ten, so I suppose this discussion could go on forever ... and well, there's nothing beyond that.
Why don't you think he should be in there?

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