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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
any of you guys collect some of the old defunct German currencies and letters ?


I think the old artwork was something to behold, a lost art actually; the Alt Schrift


also our Alt Grandmütters handwriting was something to behold during those pre-WW 2 years as in this old example in relatively excellent condition found on e-bay

I just recently purchased these foru itmes. guys if you want to post scans go for it of your collections however how small or big please. I hav other old German paper funds but they are so smeared out they would copy off terribly.

a Fünfzig Pfennig piece from 1944.

a 1923 Zwei-Rentenmark

a 1924 Zehn Reichsmark's beautiful in its design

a 1924 Zwanzig Reichsmark .....again another beautiful looking piece, very fragile

E `
Eric please do if you don't mind ......... :D

I also have some old 1920's and into the teens black/white postkarte along with some wonderful Sütterlin Schrift in pencil, very hard to read over the years as the pencil has faded out over time........sniff :cry: it pays to protect these little pieces of historie in protective platic sleeves

time for Lebkuchen anyone ?


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We get big alu box of Lebkuchen from our relatives in Nürnberg every once a year! Damn those are great!
Eric post when you find them we have the whole month ... :D

Pisis, yes I used to get a small Zinn tin of Schmidt or Weiß Lebkuchen every December, but that unfortunately has passed. I love the Lebkuchen and Dominoes, etc.


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here is an interesting Notgeld, regional monies from Trier. love the artwork


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I have quite a collection of Deutsches Reich money. As a matter of fact last I counted I had about 100 bills equalling 350 Billion Reichs Mark. I also have almost the complete collection of Deutsches Reich stamps handed down to me from my Grandfather including the very last stamps printed by the Third Reich.

The old money is not worth anything even to a collector, however the stamps are worth a nice sum of money. However as a collector I would never sell my money or stamps.
I did some researching on the 1920's pre war Notgeld Adler, and yes there are literally hundreds of collectors wishing to pay some extremely high prices to find the most little known German village paper currincies. I can't see it for the life of me, but due I suppose to the originality of the item it is indeed a work of art. have you thought about puitting those in some sort of proteective binder ?

We all collect in our own ways....

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They already are in protective binders. I have several Not Geld from Danzig and Baden Wuertemberg.

The Deutsches Reich stamps are in a very protective Binder and secured in a fire proof safe, since they are very valuable.
well you are on top of it then. Have a few of the Reich stamps coming to me from my dads many years of collecting stamps in general.

Can you post your notgeld in scans ? would love to see them
this estate resided in Altenburg in 1915. Wonder if it is still stnading or did war take it out WW 1 and or 2 ?


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