Aussies Kill 150 Taliban

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Aussie Diggers do their job. Also read yesterday in local newspaper 2 more Australian soldiers to be decorated for valour from Afghanistan actions. Press hasn't given the names just a small clipping in the news
Simple Home Coming for Aussie Soldier was in paper here in Brisbane. He is with 2/14th Cavalary Regiment and was met at the airport in Brisbane by his wife and 8 kids. Soldier had been in Iraq for 6 months. One wonders he must have been one busy digger before going overseas
I wonder how smart that was to post the chaps familie for all the world to see ?

hmmmmmmmm Taliban IMPALeMENT ! ~ sounds like an appetizer

You are correct erich. I wasn't thinking so i removed the photo at your request
Thanks Emac.

Nothing to thank me for. I made an error of judgement and some one pointed it out. I sat and thought to myself i would not exactly appreciate my wife and kids photo splashed on the net on a website. so i removed it. thanks for pointing out my error and thoughtless action

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