B-26 in the RAF ?

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

While searching informations on the B-26, I fell on the following :

"52 B-26As were delivered to the Royal Air Force under the name Marauder Mk. I. Their RAF serials were FK109 to FK160. The first three Marauder Mk. Is for the RAF were ferried across the Atlantic late in 1941. Most of them went to the Middle East in 1942 for service in Egypt in an attempt to defend the Suez Canal against the advance of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.

The first RAF squadron to receive the Marauder Mk. I was No. 14, the aircraft replacing the unit's Blenheims in August of 1942. Conversion training was completed without any difficulty. The RAF was actually the first service to introduce the Marauder into action in the Mediterranean, the first operational mission by RAF Marauders being flown on October 28, 1942. This was a reconnaissance sortie flown as part of the El Alamein battle. Subsequently, anti-shipping sweeps were flown and bombs were dropped on enemy installations in Tunisia. Mines were sewn in the harbor at Tunis. Unfortunately, one Marauder was shot down by mistake by RAF Spitfires on December 28, 1942.

Nos. 326 and 327 Squadrons also used the Marauder Mk. I after this period."

Did the RAF received more or an other type of B-26 during the war ? Were they used in Europe ?
In total the RAF received 520 Marauders (less a few that crashed pre-delivery) made up of 70 Marauder 1 (B26A), 100 Marauder II (B26C) and 350 Marauder III (200 B26F and 150 B26G).

Major users were 14 and 39 Sqns RAF and 12 and 24 Sqns SAAF - all in Mediterranean/North Africa theatre.

As for some of the other info you quoted from the website you found: Marauder deliveries to the RAF started in late 1942 rather than 41 and both 326 and 327 Sqn were Spitfire-equipped Free French units not Marauder users.

Hope this helps

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