Bali Bombed again

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
Well the bastards have done it again, terrorists have exploded bombs in a busy restaurant area killing aroud 25-30 people (death count so far). So far one 16 year old Australian boy is confirmed killed with 2 others most likely dead. This attack comes 3 years after the first attack on Bali which saw 202 people killed including 88 Australian's. Bali is a very popular holiday destination for Australian's being so close and cheap. This latest attack I believe, will finally kill off the all important Tourism trade to this small island which has only just recovered from the first attacks.
You said it Gnomey. They're nothing more than sick bastards, just like all terrorists. So far three Canadians have been reported injured, but they were damn lucky they weren't killed. At least twenty-five other folks weren't so lucky.
When it comes to the politics in Indonesia, sometimes its better to see how it pans out. Its like a long running shadow puppet play.

Ive been to Indonesia many times (including Bali) and my wife is from central Java. One thing Ive learned is to look at who is in the background, running things.

One thing about Bali..... its a money maker for a lot of powerfull people, of all religions. When something like this happens, theres more to the story than meets the eye.

Could this have anything to do with the rise in gas prices? ....could be.
Could this be the result of somene not paying off bribe money? .... could be.
Indonesia is like the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. Nigeria, and Mexico are just a tad worse.

There is no "mafia" there. Just powerfull economic families, loose associations of political/para-military and police groups. Shaking down nightclubs and pubs is a common method of raising funds.

Several years ago, a gang of "muslim" vigilanties went on a rampage through jakarta destroying pubs and nightclubs...... all under the name of "anti-vice". Weeks later, turns out that the business's that were wrecked, were the ones who didnt pay the new protection money to the local police.

Nothing surprises me in that country.
Since new information seems to indicate that this was the work of suicide bombers, I too will say its the work of islamic terrorists.
Yep it was suicide bombers alright, an Australian tourist actually caught one of them on film, you see him walking in the background with a backpack on and just as he goes out of frame he explodes. Quite chilling stuff really. They say the bombs were packed with ball bearings for maximum carnage and they detonated them besides gas cylinders. Anyway again the RAAF has been sent back to bali to evacuate injured civilians to Australia, plus sent in medical teams along with the Army.
Looks like 4 Aussies where killed bringing to total 92 Australians killed in terrorist attacks in Bali in the last 3 years. I only wish these gutless pricks would come out into the open to fight instead of conducting "war" on defenceless innocent people.
I may have gotten my media coverage mixed up but last night I thought I heard the Bali's say they ripped the three clowns~ bombers heads off for public showing as a warning for future slimes that would commit these acts ?
No, what happened was they took photo's of the heads of the bombers which where apparently still recognizable, to put in the newspapers etc to try to identify them.
One of the weird things about Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia is the censors are very quick to cut anything to do with sex or nudity........... but........if it comes to gore, mangled bodies, accident victims and blood, then thats ok. Sometimes the news is something not to be watched if you have a weak stomach.
Maybe hold their families accountable for their actions. They want to be martyrs? Fine. Then so are their family.

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