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May 12, 2005
Hey guys, I was personally wondering that if any of ya'll were in band or played a musical instrument. :lol:

If ya'll think this topic is weird, I don't know what I was thinking about at the moment. :oops:
me, if you ask, personally played the trumpet, baritone, euphonium, cornet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, and the french horn. I was most experienced with the trumpet, cornet, piccolo trumpet, and french horn.

I also marched with the band at my old high school and first years of college with: a flugelhorn, a B flat horn( kind of like a flugle horn, except the valves tuning slides extended longer and it used a french horn mouthpieace), and a mellophone (kind of like a b flat horn except shorter, smaller, and it used a trumpet mouthpiece).

Oh yeah, I also know how to play the piano from when I had a piano teacher the taught me.
I used to play guitar in a band at school called 7th Wave ...but I don't anymore - it's just somethin' to the pass the time these days.
Sweeet, I want to learn how to play the guitar, is it hard?

Oh yeah, I forgot to add I'm learning how to play an accordian like the people in mexican bands.
I was in many bands over the years and have done some studio work. I have been playing for 28 years, although I am in kind of a hiatus from playing as I don't have the time to dedicate to it. I play guitar, synths and used to sing (nodes on the vocal cords put an end to the singing). I can also lay down a beat on drums, but nothing too fancy. I have dabbled in a bunch of different instruments over the years.

Ah memories...


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I used to play Piano but gave it up, which is my biggest regret, and I tried to teach myself guitar but couldnt so imlooking for a teacher around here I can go to a couple of times a week.
I used to play some guitar. Would love to get back into it. I also sang lead vocals in a thrash metal band. We did a lot of Metallica covers and wrote our own music. I really want to get a new thrash band started. Love heavy metal and love screaming.
That is true. I actually did a lot of vocal excersises though to keep my voice going. I never really screamed like at the top of my lungs, I prefered the James Hetfield aproach and just using a real raspy semi scream voice.
When I was a kid I was learning to play Guitar... didn't last too long...
When I was a bit bigger, I treid Bass.... nope....
Then Drums... niether that succeed.....


Now I "play" only Gramos, plus I rap beatbox when opportunity


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Adler, Rülping is much preferred to screaming........... :D

so Eric when are ya going to let your hair grow out again ? man I feel all alone here on the forum with shoulderlength and longer hair.........Adler are you ready or I suppose the military is still stuck on it's performance looks. Better have it tied back to pound the living daylights out of some clown I will admit than the hairy stuff clogging up your lungs. by the way a good axe was a nice weapon of choice to keep ugly groupiees off back stage back in the 60's

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