Bf 109H-V54 1:32 based on 21st Century G14

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It's cold outside. Time to mount a canopy on the O-nine.


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The dash board is replaced by a new one at last as are the exhausts. I buyed some Quick-Boost exhausts but I mounted the kit ones sparing the resin items for a more expansive Hasegawa kit.

Kopie von IMG_2172.jpg

The front canopy will not be the last word. Found a better one in my spare parts. I will exchange it when I'm back from "Oberschleißheim Air Museum" Model -Fair near Munich in some days.

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The new dashboard is showing up a little.

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I made little progress last week because of the modelfair in Münich. Maybe you are interested in some pics of the surroundings where we showed our kits.

2013 Oberschleißheim-22.jpg

2013 Oberschleißheim-02.jpg

2013 Oberschleißheim-03.jpg

2013 Oberschleißheim-04.jpg

The 109 got a replacement canopy from the sparebox with better fit.

2013 Bf 109 H V-54_47.jpg

By the way I sprayed some exhaust stains and added the wing guns.

2013 Bf 109 H V-54_48.jpg

May be a litte too much but german engines generally produced heavy stains because of high ingrediences of benzol in the gas.

2013 Bf 109 H V-54_49.jpg
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Looking very nice Michael. Have you any more photos of the 'Storch'
Thanks Michael, I've got a 'Storch" in my stash which I was going to enter in the GB17 build but have run out of time, the P47D took longer than I thought. Any photos that I can get of the plane will help my build, I do have a few I took at the Shuttleworth collection last year but that was before I had bought the kit so didn't take as many as I should've. Is the Storch a fly example like the one at the Shuttleworth Collection? as I notice that there is a drip tray under the engine.
Nice work Michael, and great pics. I'm wondering if that Storch is the one which was restored a year or so ago, either in France or the UK, I think the latter. The colour scheme and markings look familiar.
Hi folks,
the only thing I know about this Storch is that it is here for years.

Back to the V-54. It has to learn now standig on its own feet.


The kit wheels looked a bit narrow. I inserted a spacer. Detail on the wheels is allright.



The wide track solved the notorious pröblems of the 109 landing gear. Unsolved was the ever present buffeting of the weak wings.




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