Bf 110C-4, from 2./EGr 210 July 1940 BOB GB

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Good airbrush story David, made me laugh! You must have been using acrylic or the curtains would have been a goner! What airbrush did you get?

I was using Acrylics (thankfully). I had it at 20 psi like I use for my single action, but the pressure at least to me seems a lot stronger. At full blast it will empty the paint cup in about 5 seconds of continuous spraying as I found out while cleaning it. It's Paasche Millennium.

I have a nice large stainless steel sink in the kitchen, so (at least in my mind) it's a great spot to use it for sprays that will last no more then a few minutes - anything beyond that I will go outside or if using enamals I will use it outdoors only.

Andy Terry, NICE! :lol:
My wife would NOT let me use the airbrush in the house PERIOD! relegated to the shed...!

WHile I've not painted the curtains, have touched up the table cloth a couple of times with some paint while using the brush....was not very popular for some reason??:D

YOU HAVE GOT TO LET HER KNOW WHO WEARS THE PANTS!! how many times do we have to tell you Wayne!!I am outside now to :oops: but hey at least I got a 16'X30' shop out of it!!
Ok getting back into this as work winds down.

It does not look much but I applied RLM 02 to the cockpit and inner areas. I recently purchased a double action airbrush and used it for the first time tonight on this (first time ever using one). The only causality was the kitchen curtains which are currently being washed. I pulled back on the trigger and pushed the trigger down - the blast scared the <blank> out of me and I kinda hosed the curtains in RLM 02. I thought it looked great, the Misses however disagrees. I think I need to practice a little more first before painting anything else with it.

Brilliant paint job David, curtains and model, what a chuckle.........

My wife would NOT let me use the airbrush in the house PERIOD! relegated to the shed...!

Me to mate, bloody cold in winter and stinking hot in summer, but I do have my own model room......
Got in a little more work today. Finished the engines and installed them into the nacelles. Also glued the main wings together.


I went to attach the engines to the main wing and fiddled with it for awhile trying to get it to fit before I noticed a slight issue. The wing section is several several mm wider then the engine assembly as well as the engine cover.
Bf oui.JPG

The other wing was fine. It to me appears to be a molding issue. I've put some tension on it and will let it sit overnight, hopefully it will bend it enough for a tight fit.
Look'in good there David glad I did not have to come through this monitor and brow beat ya :lol: Nice work though keep on plugg'in along.Cheers
From the pic it seems like you might be able to make a relief cut where the left side meets the wing. I don't know if that's possible without knowing what the top of it looks like. I agree with Glenn that it would be a shame to hide those engines by closing up the cowls.
Tend to echo others thoughts, be a shame to hide them engines.............................have we convinced you yet...........................could also help to solve your cowling problem, if you don't have to join etc etc etc................

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