**** DONE: Bf 109 E-4 Helmut Wick JG 2 Oct 1940 BoB group build

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and straighten up that Horrido Pennant on the port cowling too!

Done it :rolleyes:, the bloody thing had actually split as it came off the backing paper and all the cajolling it into joining back together had knocked it out of place.
noticed it as i posted the pictures, sorry Jedi Master it wont happen again :oops:

but thanks Wayne and Andy
ok i think i'm done :D not sure if i need another coat of matt varnish though, what do you all think ?


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Great stuff mate. The varnish looks ok, bearing in mind Luftwaffe finishes were semi-matt. Maybe a touch more on the yellow if you think fit, as this was a washable, distemper-like paint, with a matt finish. It looks OK as is in the pics though.
Brilliant outcome Karl. I'd lean toward a flatter finish if I was doing it but I think it looks just fine as is.

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