**** DONE: Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4/7 - JG 26

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May 21, 2009
Username: BikerBabe
Name: Maria
Category: Beginner. Definitely beginner! :lol:
Model: Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4/7 Trop.
Scale: 1:48
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Aftermarket additions: None.

Hi guys.

I finally had some time to paint the %¤%¤ cockpit, and parts of the body and wings on my Messy #1 - my first kit in ages, actually. ;) God, I hated painting that REVI! :shock: :D
And...I've got a problem...I cannot for the life of me remember just what two colours I mixed for the cockpit interior, but I guess I'll find out eventually...sometime. *shrug*
Anyway: I view this 109 as an exercise and a bit of practising before I start working on the next 109: The Airfix E-4/N - Galland's 109 that I bought today. ;) :thumbleft: :thumbright:
I guess these two 109's will look good next to each other. Or: I hope they will. ;)
Tricks and advice are more than welcome, and it will be appreciated - thanks. *curtsies*
Here goes:
1. Workspace.
2. The parts I've painted so far.
3. Cockpit parts.


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Thank you very much guys, I appreciate your very kind words. :oops: :oops: :oops:
I continued painting after my first post here, so here's the result so far. ;)

1. Cockpit dials got the black basic paint, before I add the white when the black paint has dried thoroughly.

2. Adding some silver here and there to spruce things up a bit. I'll repaint the tiny area around the black trim wheel after the paint has dried, with the bottom greenish colour, to conceal the black paint that went astray. ;)

3. Added some yellow before I paint the other half of that square red, as it's supposed to be; plus touched up the row of buttons w. black paint and added a lil' silver for wear.

4 and 5. Pilot's seat seen from the front and from above after trying to guess where the seat would be most worn after extended use.

6. And Jan? Carlsberg - please! *raises a very critical eyebrow* A true 109-afficionado will guzzle Spitfires all the way through! Prost, Schätzchen! :lol:


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I was about to say exactly that! Can't produce good models from a tidy work space!
And 'Spitfire' in cans - never seen that before, only bottles and draught. Thought you might have had Viborg, but you're obviously near to a shop with good taste!
Looking great so far Maria, looking forward to the next bit.
Looking good! I haven't built a 109 yet and I hear good things about that kit so I'm going to be watching...
Hi again guys, and sorry about the workspace, aber...Ordnung MUSS sein! *raises a critical eyebrow in the general direction of the various gentlemen* *cough* ;) :lol:

And Night Fighter Nut - about the dials?
I used a very fine brush - a Wittrock Leonhardy Super Star 10/0. ;)


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Thanks Wurger, I really appreciate it - esp. since I can't wear my glasses when painting and/or building, my eyesight has changed too much, going more and more in the direction of "normal".
I'm no longer nearly as nearsighted as I used to be, and using my glasses will just make everything go even more blurred - and I must admit that it takes some getting used to not working "up close and personal" with tiny items like the instrument panel in that 109 cockpit, holding parts out about 40 cm's from my face to keep things in focus. :lol:

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