**** DONE: 1/48 Tamiya Bf 109E4 Black 8 of 2/JG3 Ofw Bernhard Lampskemper Group Build

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Dreadfully sporting of you old chap, thank-you.

I'm declaring this one finished. A significant amount of weathering with oil washes and pastels was done and the antenna wire was attached with the little home made cones. Below are some detail shots:

Following shows a close-up of the cockpit with completed antenna wire attached. The little cone on the wire, seen better in the final pic, was made by pushing a pointed tool just the right amount into thin plastic card then slicing the protrusion off with a sharp blade. A tiny pin hole was first put in so the cone could be threaded onto the wire. The wire itself is very finely stretched sprue. The wing roots have been "scratched" with a silver pencil and some soiling where the crew would step was added using brown pastel powder. Also seen is the black pastel cannon smoke stain on the wing. The same was done for the exhaust stain. Less well seen is the bit of fading I did on the crosses, which received a very fine brushing of white pastel powder (Thanks Vic - I changed my mind). The vertical wire is also stretched sprue glued into a tiny hole I drilled in the fuselage. Its entry point is slightly offset to port and the attachment point on the real plane is a large white insulator, replicated here with a piece of phone wire insulation. Finally, just seen is the wire that tied the hinged canopy hood back to the fixed rear section.

100926 Antenna Post.jpg

Below is a closeup of the tail showing the the rear attachment of the wire. There's a little more glue here than I want as I managed to break the wire and had to pull it together again - a finicky operation to say the least and not something I want to do again. Hence, the cone on this end got somewhat obliterated. Also seen in this pic is the dirtied up tail wheel and the rudder control cable highlighted with a black/brown oil wash.

100926 Tail closeup.jpg

The next two pics show the underside with heavy oil staining applied with a wash. Wheel wells were smudged with dirt coloured pastels and the cannons and ejector holes smoked up with black pastel powder.

100926 Oil Stains.jpg

100926 Wheel Well.jpg

The final shot on the starboard side shows exhaust staining, wing root scratching and a better view of the the antenna wire cone, clearly seen in profile here. The cross on the nearest wing can be seen to have received the faded look, more pronounced here because of the sharp angle of the view.

100926 3 oclock closeup.jpg

Thanks everyone for following this build and for your kind comments. Spitfire next!

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