**** DONE: Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4/7 - JG 26

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Jun 19, 2005
And about the Group Build - erm, with my rate of building: When exactly is that BoB group build deadline???

The BoB GB is going to be finished on Tuesday, November 30th. So there is still some time for getting the model finished.


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May 21, 2009
Hi again guys, and thanks.

Well - last week was a goner.
After hanging out on last sunday w. a group of online female friends (one brought a sick kid *growls*), I had the sh*ts on monday night, and it didn't subside until thursday night, after which I spent the time until sunday recuperating, starting at work again monday this week.

I've experienced this before - here, this (noro virus) is called "Roskilde disease" or "doing-the-rounds-disease", but never in my 44 years on this planet have I ever been thathard hit by this virus! :shock:
I'm still pretty shaken at how bad such a bout can be, and as if it wasn't enough, the poor kid who was brought to our get-together, involuntarily managed to infect 8 out of 14 guests (- one of which is undergoing chemo therapy), plus the hostess' hubby and their kid, too.

So: If you guys has got sick kids at home, please don't bring them anywhere except to the hospital or to see a physician, if it's anything contagious!

I'll be going to see my phys for an appointment for a check-up tomorrow, since I'm still not quite on top, but otherwise I'm okay.
Anyway - it's over and thank GOD for that!

Now to the model building part:
I haven't been doing much as you've prolly guessed, but the model's still on my desk. :)
I'm trying to figure out about the proper colours, and since I can't figure out the proper paint pattern in the drawings, I'm trying to find a decent profile of that particular 109. Got any, guys?

I think I scanned the model kit paint pattern when I first wrote about this model when I purchased it, I seem to recall that Terry was involved in this matter, among others?
It'll be the version in this kit called JG 26, of which there doesn't seem to be a nice clear side-view of the 109 in the paint scheme/pattern in the kit painting guide.
Never mind the exact RLM-shade/hue/blend, I'll use what I have in handy here. :)

Thanks again guys, it's good to be back. :) *hugs*

Aaron Brooks Wolters

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Jul 28, 2007
Abingdon, VA.
I feel for you Maria, I spent last week in the same shape for the same reason. Visited some friends and a child had the stomach flu. I was out of work for a week. Keep up the good work though mam.:thumbright:


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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Good to hear you're on the mend at last M. Post a pic, or the kit profile of the colour scheme, and we'll sort it - between us all! Bound to have pics and refs somewhere in my pile of cr*p - er,... sorry, library !


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May 21, 2009
Hi again guys, I'm sorry about the fuss and all - I misread the instructions, that's all - sorry. :oops:

Les: Thanks. :oops:

Aaron: Damn, you've got my full sympathy, I'm glad that you recovered so soon. :) :thumbleft:

Terry: Thanks, but I think I've got it sorted out now. Sorry. :oops:

Wayne: I've got two 109's - the one I'm working on now, and Dolfo's, waiting in line. ;)

Anyway, here's today's progress:
Painted the b*tch, assembled and touched up the prop + spinner, assembled tail section, removed masking tape from cockpit parts and put 'em on, plus put aerial thingy on and painted it.

About the painting part:
Tried to figure out a way to paint the spot pattern while trying to avoid too many hard edges in the paint patterns, I think it's okay.

God I HATE masking the cockpit parts! :rofl:

To be done:
Wear and tear and minor damage to be added, then decals and weathering. Or something like that.

Btw, the sponge is just there to keep the cockpit canopy in place until the glue has dried. ;)


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Aaron Brooks Wolters

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Jul 28, 2007
Abingdon, VA.
For the camo scheme like Terry said, use a cotton ball or get a piece of fine sponge and keep the paint kinda dry on it. My bad, I should have kept going.:oops: That looks terrific. :thumbright: I do hope mine comes out looking this good.
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Vic Balshaw

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Jul 20, 2009
Somehow I've missed this thread which is nothing unusual for me, but oh my Maria what a great build you have really come up trumps on this one. Also sorry to hear you have been taken down with the bug, kind of knocks the sh*t out of you (pun not intended). Anyway, I like what I see and well done particularly with the mottle. Hope my first attempt comes out as well.


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Jul 26, 2010
The mottled camo looks super! I tried that once with an airbrush and it turned out to be a positive mess. Your's looks outstanding.


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May 21, 2009
Thank you very much guys. *deep bow* :oops:

I'm fiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiished! :rofl:

Well - almost had several hissy fits, putting the decals on.
And since I had problems with the tiny number decals that were s'posed to sit on the lower edge of the body of the plane on both sides, I scrapped 'em.
Two of the tiny decals simply disappeared, another drowned, a third refused to stick to the body, and so - well, shove it. *shrugs* :lol:

Then I dirtied the wheels a bit with that Tamiya "eye shadow" kit, then I dry-brushed some satin black on the sides of the 'bird to get that oily sheen (- someone ought to teach that mechanic something about adjusting things right! :lol: ), added a lil' silver/aluminium for wear on strategic places here 'n there, and dry-brushed the underside of the plane with matte black.
Did the same thing with the ridges going out from the machine guns, and - ta-daaaaaa!
My first model ever since I was a teenager. :lol:

I couldn't find the fine nylon fishing line that I would have used for the aerial antenna, otherwise I would have made that too, but here she is:
The Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4/7 "Mein Kampf" - finished before my post #2000! :lol:


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