**** DONE: Bf 109 E-4 Helmut Wick JG 2 Oct 1940 BoB group build

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One is ever so slightly plodding don't you know....trying to find that spirit/inspiration after the forced on forum absence. Just the paint to go on.....
And you young man?
ok todays progress
pic1 2 show the RLM02 square that covers the yellow 2 markings
pics3, 4 5 show panel lines and dirt and grime, i've read that Wick was pretty hard on his machine and pics seem to show it looking fairly grubby !:D


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Karl, this may well turn out to be your best yet. I hope you had the masking on the pit and canopy parts before you sprayed the gloss to avoid overspray inside.
ok been slaving over the decals, waiting for them to settle then i'll gloss coat them ! :D


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