Bf 110C-4, from 2./EGr 210 July 1940 BOB GB

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Should be a nice build David you cannot ruin this kit for any addition is an improvement.I have an old version of this myself with some early ED P/E this will be interesting if anything you can join Waynes club of unfinished GB's(he's Prez) which I am the VP :lol:.Cheers
You can't build a Bf 110 C-4/B of Erprobungsgruppe 210, as the C-4/B sub-variant was never sent to operational units. Here is a verbatim lift from the book, 'Messerschmitt Bf 110/Me 210/Me 410 An Illustrated History' by Heinz Mankau and Peter Petrick: Bf 110 C-4/B Bomber As C-7. Gotha supplied four machines under the designation Bf 110 C-4/B. These were later carried on the books as Bf 110 C-7s, however.

If you are going to do Bf 110 D-0/B, S9+EK, of Aretz and Schilleng, from the 1/32 'C-4/B' kit you will need to scratch build the extended rear fuselage and construct the cable which ran along the top of the port fuselage to that extension.

The small dog was the mascot of Balthasar Aretz made of felt, that he took with him on every flight.
I had just read your post at the "Dive Bombing improves accuracy how much?" thread when I flipped over here. First of all thanks for the info and more importantly your books!

Well, this stinks.
Ok switching gears, the build will now be a Bf 110C-4 from 3./ZG 26

3. ZG 26.JPG

Insignia from Luftwaffe Fighter Insignia, World War II
The cable was externally mounted, and intended to open the extended section of the rear fuselage to release the dinghy and emergency items enclosed in it. It was secured by clips along the top of the fuselage. In photos, you will see that at the cockpit end, the cable enters the fuselage just before the cockpit is reached. It then travels inside the fuselage to a release handle in the rear cockpit.

On 11th August 1940 the Bordfunker of Feldwebel Stutz of 1. Staffel, Erprobungsgruppe 210 operated this mechanism to drop a dinghy down to the crew of a Bf 110 that was seen to go down into the Thames estuary during a good-sized combat between RAF fighters, and ZG 26 and Erpr. Gr. 210 Bf 110s.
Ok switching gears, the build will now be a Bf 110C-4 from 3./ZG 26

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Insignia from Luftwaffe Fighter Insignia, World War II

Make sure you have a photo reference for the Bf 110 of 3./ZG 26 you are going to build. If it's U8+GL, let me know, because there are certain quirks about that famous Bf 110.

Also, are you going to use that insignia? The reason I ask is because I'm sure a Staffel of I./ZG 76 also used that, as they considered themselves to the the 'trainbusting Staffel.
Thanks for the info John. It's something that I only noticed relatively recently, believe it or not, even after over 50 years of seeing pics of various '110s. Oh yes, forgot to mention - first noticed it in one of your books !!
Ok getting back into this as work winds down.

It does not look much but I applied RLM 02 to the cockpit and inner areas. I recently purchased a double action airbrush and used it for the first time tonight on this (first time ever using one). The only causality was the kitchen curtains which are currently being washed. I pulled back on the trigger and pushed the trigger down - the blast scared the <blank> out of me and I kinda hosed the curtains in RLM 02. I thought it looked great, the Misses however disagrees. I think I need to practice a little more first before painting anything else with it.


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Yeah, 1,300 rounds per minute on full auto !!
Good start though David - and finish the curtains with some RLM 71 and 65 - should look terrific !
Geez your wife lets you paint in the kitchen? Mine would kill me if I attempted that, probably a more horrible death if I actually got the curtains. Nice job so far, you'll get the hang of the airbrush in no time.
My wife would NOT let me use the airbrush in the house PERIOD! relegated to the shed...!

WHile I've not painted the curtains, have touched up the table cloth a couple of times with some paint while using the brush....was not very popular for some reason??:D

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