Bf 110C-4, from 2./EGr 210 July 1940 BOB GB

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Hey Jan, it's not like I don't have until the end of Oct......:shock:

Using various methods I was finally able to get the "engine pods" to fit properly into the wings so both are now finished.

Engine Cowling.JPG

The problems with the gaps are illustrated below. One wing was not too bad and the initial application of putty worked well (just need some minor cleaning up) gap = .5 mm.

Wing 1.JPG

The other wing however was a bigger issue with the gap being a little more then 1 mm. I had to remove the putty and will tray again. This time I think I'll try the Cutex method.

wing 2.JPG

Next step is finishing the cockpit.
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David, as a suggestion, on the bigger gap, you may find the putty by itself will not hold, especially if you soften it with Cutex. You may find it necessary to "back" it with a thin strip of plastic card glued inside the whell well so you can squeeze the putty against it. Otherwise, you may find the putty constantly falling out once dry.
Or drop a piece of plastic strip or card, or stretched sprue, into the gap and glue in place. Then trim as required, and fill if necessary. BTW, you've got until the end of November, not October.

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