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Apr 1, 2004
I can't remember if we've been over this. But I'm thinkin' of getting a few tattooes ...and I was wonderin' if anyone on here has any. I got some pretty decent ideas... so, I'll share 'em ;

On my right arm ... from my shoulder down to my elbow will be 'hanging' chains ... and on my arm, over the chains will be the 11 Sqdn. symbol (For my dad, although he hates tattooes... haha ) ... On my left arm will be 'hanging' barbed wire, with the Alive Man (Pearl Jam symbol) over the top.

On my right shoulder blade will be the Audioslave symbol, big 'n' red ... with Audioslave in black through it. On the left shoulder blade will be a werewolf 'pouncing' out with chaos written beneath it's claws.

ANd for now, I think I'll have AC/DC (with the lightning bolt, not a line) on the right side of my stomach.
I'm afraid I'm with your dad. I hate 'em myself. :dontknow:
I almost got one when I joined up, but thought better of it at the last minute. Now I'm glad I didn't.

However, if you're gonna get some, maybe something that won't ever go out of style maybe? You know, 'cuz the Alive Man symbol might look kinda dorky in like say twenty years or so. I dunno, just a thought. The chains and 11 Sqn. symbol sound kinda cool though.
I can understand people not likin' them. Perfectly understandable. I don't know, maybe in 20 years it'll all look stupid. Being a dumbass teenager though - I ain't goin' to look into the future. :lol:
Im getting one put on my ankle, its gonna be small, mostly because when I get really old and rinkled I dont want it to look like I shit my down my leg.


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Yes, and Canada also had it's own SAS company at one time...for exactly two years. ;)
Between 1947 and 1949. Why did we disband it? Why else? We're cheap. :dontknow:

But now we have JTF-2. :D
Big whoop, eh? ;)
Y'know the British SAS was disbanded after World War II, right?
When getting a tattoo, make sure that your tattoo artist uses natural pigments. This is really important if you want them to keep vibrant colors for years or be a faded blob after 20. I had the USAF lettering done with artificial pigments and it's a blobby blue/black now. The Eagle and the filligree that went above and below it still have their colors (natural pigments).

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but there is a big difference between the lettering and the other parts.

Just make real sure it is what you want before doing it.


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PlanD the only thing I would say is maybe try something small first, to see if you like it and if you can stand the pain. I have about a 10" tattoo on the back of my calf. It is a White Tiger (famous Asian god) crawling its way up my calf, in behind it is written in Japanese the gods name. It has alot of symbolism in Asia and martial arts. I am very into martial arts for many years now. It was my first tattoo, the guy doing it said wow you are starting out big with this one. Then he started the tattoo, after he started he told me the back of the leg (on a man) is the second most painful place to get a tattoo (worst is the rib cage) !!! I was like do think you might want mentioned that before you started, he laughed, so did I (alittle). After about 3 hours of pain it was done and I love it and have had many many comments on how nice it is. The arm, shoulder and back hurt alot less then the calf did, it feels like a red hot knife that is scraping into your skin over and over and over again. I am thinking about getting one now to do with my new daughter (she is now 2 years old). But I put in about 6 months of planning what I wanted before I got and I have never regretted it. Good luck
102first_hussars said:
in behind it is written in Japanese the gods name. It has alot of symbolism in Asia and martial arts.

How do you know that is what it says though? For all you know it says 'Fish Bowl Soup' or "Me Ruv U Rong Time" ;)

Research and like I said I am into Martial arts and know people who speak Japanese.
My ex-girlfriend had the star of Nadriel just above her left bum cheek :D Her best friend had an elven star from the Silmarillon above her right one as well :shock:

Short term, their cool, fun and can be a really good addition.

However, if your looking long term, don't get one on any large muscle mass and steer away from anything really large. Both the tattoo process and the tattoo istelf atrophy muscle, and can significantly weaken the muscle around the tattoo area.

A friend of mine is having real trouble because she got 4 large-ish multi colour tatoos up her right calf about 15 years ago, and she is having difficulty rebuilding muscle after she broke her leg.
Thanks ... I really have been wanting these for ages though, and have finally got the money to get them done. I'm starting with just the chains on my right arm and I'll build from there.
Well I have 6 tattoos here the pics of them:


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This here is my next tattoo that I am going to get sometime in the next 2 months. I have slightly censored it as you can see for this forum so that it does not offend anyone or will not be concidered pornography.

It is going to go on the opposite shoulder as the other angel so as to have a good angel and a dark angel guiding me. The good and the bad, the yin and the yang.


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Yeah I really like that one. I have had that design for a few years and was actually going to get that one in October 2005 instead of the Lady Justice but I had injured my back and did not want to get a tattoo when I a fresh wound. I will get it soon though, without the word censored ofcourse! :D
It'd being censored would make it more comic ... so, yah. It'll look awesome ... I can't quite find what Werewolf I'm goin' to get though.
For me when I get a tattoo, I have to think about the design for a very long time. It has to have meaning for me in order for me to get it.

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