Book time!

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Oct 12, 2008
Hi gents.

I am busy trying to create a book that features my Aviation artwork (drawings). If possible, I wanted to include other aviation artists to show their work in the book as well, but thus far no luck with that.

Anyways, I want the book to be interesting and maybe even educational as well, so I want it to become a history and art book. You know, drawings and vintage color and black and white photographs together with some text about the aircraft, the pilot, it's history etc.

I do know a lot of stuff about vintage and modern aircraft, but not enough to fill entire pages. So, I thought about this place and all the aviation enthusiasts here. Is there anyone who would like to join me in this project? I think I (or we) can easily pull this off. The market for books like these is big enough, so if we can make it good, I (again, or we) could make some money off of it.

When done, I am thinking of ordering a few examples through (online printer and publisher). If it looks good, further improvements can be made and eventually get an ISB for it to let it be published. And yes, I am aware that my English isn't that good, but I'm Dutch so… Even though you don't know squat about aircraft, I could still use you for your English qualities lol.


Please, stop this nonsence.

And yes, look at my artwork topic in the aviation pictures section.

Don't make a hype.

And ehm, if you say I am a fraud, do you think I am that stupid of making a book that includes frauded artwork...?

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