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Mar 26, 2007
Begazi Libia 1943

Bristol Beaufighter_01_Begazi_Libia_1943.jpg
Royal Air Force Bristol Beaufighter Mk.1 (Type 156, RAF s/n X7718) on the ground, U.S. Army Air Force Captain William J. Wrigglesworth is part of the US inspection team and is waving from atop the aircraft, ca. 1942.

Bristol Beaufighter_05.png
RNZAF, Papua New Guinea

RAAF; RNZAF never operated Beaufighters. Not to be confused with New Zealand squadrons of the RAF, 489 Sqn, for example, which flew Beaus from air bases in Scotland.

Very interesting pic. Formerly T4930, Beaufighter IC A19-11 was one of the first of the type to be operated by the RAAF and was imported from the UK, arriving in April 1942 as opposed to being built in Australia by the Department of Aircraft Production at Fisherman's Bend; these had the serial prefix A8. Note the straight hori stab; the later Beau 21s had dihedral on theirs. A19-11 operated with 30 Sqn and nominally the aircraft wore squadron codes 'LY', but I've seen pics of 30 Sqn Beaus with just the ID letter as here. A19-11 was recorded as converted to components approved May 1944.
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