Current builds start to finish 2024

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Jul 19, 2021
First up is the A5M4. Limited run my nalgas! NO locating pins, who needs them! Spent time painting the cockpit, which then had to be sanded down to a sliver. It still wouldn't fit. took off the fancy detailed side panels and glued them in. I attached the seat to the inside. Then fit in the sanded down shrunken down cockpit floor. Tail ends flimsy and needed sanding as well as putty. I drilled holes in the bottom wing to place the wheel spats which went on okay. In the morning I am going to devise a way for the propellor to spin since what they give you is almost nothing to fit into the engine.





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Next to begin is the Mania Nakajima Ki-27 kit. The cockpit is very simple, but again, as with the A5M4, had to shave some inches off of the sides. At least the propeller and wheels are made to spin. All those intense details all lost when I closed her up.



This "Classic" A5M4 is a real pain. I almost smashed it to pieces. I figured the engine and prop would be a snap.Sadly, no. The engine construction is a real beautiful piece and in theory. In reality, the cowling doesn't around it. I sanded and sanded to make it fit until I said pinche and glued it in. I had to putty the gap. When I tried to fit the piece onto the fuselage, the fit was crap. So, I sanded and sanded until I got too close to the fuselage base. Don't even get me started on the propellor from hell.
ok off the piece sticking out of the fuselage. Still have a gap where it joins and on the cowling. Not happy with it.

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